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Fleet Maintenance

Windshield Replacements are expensive.  Preventative windshield repair helps save this headache from becoming a reality.  Most windshield damage can be repaired, thus saving time, money, and stressful experiences altogether.  Let a professional handle your fleet vehicles to avoid these inconveniences.  Being proactive with preventative maintenance is an ideal mindset in fleet management.  Contact Ackerman Auto Glass today to get on schedule.


Saving Money

Windshield replacements are expensive.  Preventing replacements by having a professional repair technician address any windshield damage ensures optimal results.  Saving money is always ideal.  Providing superior quality windshield repair service saves our clients lots of money and is a great alternative to replacement when the damage is repairable.


Saving Time

All fleet vehicles need to be operational for their drivers to successfully complete their daily tasks without interference.  Any vehicle and its operator suffering from downtime replacing windshield can be extremely inconvenient.  Repairing windshield damage helps keep the vehicle in action and ready for use as necessary. 


Preventing Stress

Inconvenient windshield replacements can take its toll on a company.  A windshield repair professional from Ackerman Auto Glass is just the right fit for your fleet maintenance.  A mobile technician will come repair any windshield onsite.  The service is typically completed in less than 15 minutes swiftly and conveniently.  An experienced professional windshield repair technician awaits providing you with a money saving, time saving service that will keep your fleet vehicles cruising along. 


Preventative Maintenance

A professional windshield repair technician can regularly survey your yard, garage, or any location where the vehicles are accessible.  From small cars to large trucks, any windshield can benefit from being repaired, avoiding replacement.  Consider regular maintenance and oversight by Ackerman Auto Glass for your fleet to ensure your satisfaction saving you from the headaches associated with windshield replacement.  

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Hire A Professional Windshield Repair Technician Today!

You will not regret it. 

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