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​A certified professional windshield repair technician will come fix your windshield.

Do you have windshield damage?

Windshield replacement may not be your only option!  

When your windshield damage is small enough for a repair, Ackerman Auto Glass offers professional repair as the optimal solution for you.


Preserving your originally installed windshield has a multitude of benefits. 

Ackerman Auto Glass offers a Professional windshield repair service that will prevent your unfortunate windshield damage from becoming anything worse. 

Why compromise your original factory seal?

Your original windshield seal isn't just any glass bond. 

It's the culmination of precise engineering and rigorous testing

resulting in keeping the elements out

and keeping your driving experience uninterrupted by the elements.

Don't settle for a compromised windshield?

Preserve your vehicle's original factory seal and maintain optimal driving conditions

for you and your family, keeping your vehicle free from drafts and leaks.

Schedule your Professional Windshield Glass Break Repair with Ackerman Auto Glass.  certified professional  with expertise in windshield repair and restoration will be dispatched to your location to address structural deficiencies and implement the necessary cosmetic adjustments.

Make Haste,

Before You Have To Replace.

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Glass Break Repair

Single Glass Break Repair:
$95.00 plus tax.

Repairs are performed under the control of a NWRD Certified Repair Technician with years of experience in the automotive glass industry.  Insurance policies will typically cover this service.   Processing of your insurance glass repair claim can be completed at the time of the repair with no out of pocket expenses for your professional windshield glass break repair.

Windshield Repair

​A certified professional windshield repair technician will come to you to fix your windshield.

You Should Repair, Before You Despair

Standard of Quality

All business interactions are conducted with integrity, 

respectfully acting with honor regardless

of whether actions are public, 

always performing a professional service 

with safety guidelines enforced

seeking to achieve customer satisfaction and appreciation.

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Ackerman Family

About Ackerman Auto Glass

-Professional Automotive Glass Break Repair Specialist

Established in 2007, Ackerman Auto Glass has since been providing premium quality automotive windshield glass break repair service to customers throughout North Carolina.

Customer satisfaction is prioritized desiring for you to experience the intrinsic difference Ackerman Auto Glass humbly provides.

A work ethic committed to integrity and honesty is at the core of all interactions and performances.

Ackerman Auto Glass is at the forefront in the automotive industry  in windshield glass break repair service.  All windshields are handled by a professionally trained NWRD certified repair technician.

Our family owned and operated business supports local community outreach programs seeking the improvement of others wholeheartedly.  

It will always be a pleasure and a privilege to provide you with a distinguished quality repair.

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Be kind, be responsible. 

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We may suspend or terminate your access

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Please apply for a position with Ackerman Auto Glass!

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